Another video I am extremely excited to post up is this set from BASTARD NOISE, recorded on Superbowl Sunday in 2009, at the lovely 924 Gilman St in Berkeley, California.  This show was a bit of a catastrophe, it was extremely under promoted, and the turnout was pretty low.  It’s unfortunate too, because people missed out on a rare chance to see the “new” Bastard Noise lineup featuring the return of Wood on bass, and with Danny Walker on drums.  BN was given a new musical direction, and nobody knew what to expect.  This lineup recorded The Red List, a split LP with Endless Blockade.  This lineup also didn’t last very long, pretty soon MITB drummer Connell was back behind the kit and the band moved onto their next phase and newer material.  The upside to so few people being at the show, was that I was able to get right up front with my camera to catch it all.  I also recorded audio from the soundboard, and it actually came out pretty decent.  So enjoy this video, this is a moment in time that won’t be repeated, I’m sure.  At least there’s the record, and this video.  Roll a big joint and check it out!


Bastard Noise - The Red List


  • (03:30)
  • (07:04)
  • (13:08)
  • (20:51)
  • (26:51)

February 1st, 2009
Berkeley, CA
@ 924 Gilman St
Total run time:  31:14
Recorded by: Dan HASHTHRASH