This is a video I am thrilled about having in my collection, and one I am truly excited to bring you, a set from the crushing Japanese grinders, 324!!!  These guys sadly never got to come over to the US to play shows, so I certainly never had a chance to see them, but someone in Japan who is a fan of my hobby recorded this show and sent it to me shortly after it happened.  This set is badass.  The entire show is badass, and luckily the entire thing was recorded and given to me, so be on the lookout for more from this show in the coming months.  The audio is a bit overblown, and the video is a bit shaky, but it’s good enough for me.  Another thing, I was told that 324 didn’t normally dress like they are in this video, that this was a joke on the bandana thrash fashion that was trendy at the time.  So there ya go.  Play this loud, smoke a bunch of weed, all that good stuff!  Fucking 324!!!!!!!


324 - Soulwinter


  • Just Sit There  (Crumbsuckers)  (00:00)
  • (01:08)
  • (02:39)
  • (04:07)
  • (06:22)
  • (10:06)
  • (11:48)
  • (13:15)
  • (15:10)
  • (18:29)

Tokyo, Japan
@ Gigantic
Total run time:  20:11
Recorded by : Daisuke