I have a sickness, an addiction, and it consumes my life.  It’s called NEUROSIS, one of my favorite bands ever.  This addiction forces me to keep posting bad-ass Neurosis live videos, like this one from the first time I saw them play.  I had a chance to see them the year before, and missed it because I was broke and after hearing so many people talking about how awesome they were, I vowed not to miss their next appearance.  That time came in May 1997, in Syracuse, New York, at a small club called Lost Horizon.  Also on the bill were Unsane, Brutal Truth, Eyehategod, Dead & Gone, and Overcast.  The whole show was amazing.  This isn’t the greatest video of the band, my friend shot it and we were pretty damned stoned.  Plus, the mics couldn’t really handle the force of a Neurosis gig, I think.  I also didn’t dub their entire set, I ran out of tape on my VHS and never did go back and redub the whole set, so it’s missing the last song or two.  Still, it rates and it’s sentimental for me.  If you love Neurosis, have at it.  Play it loud.


Neurosis - Through Silver In Blood


  • Intro  (00:00)
  • Drums  (03:05)
  • The Web  (06:24)
  • Locust Star  (12:02)
  • Purify  (17:51)
  • Enclosure In Flame  (28:39)
  • Rehumanize / Eye  (35:50)
  • Through Silver And Blood  (41:19)

May 18th, 1997
Syracuse, NY
@ Lost Horizon
Total run time:  45:11
Recorded by:  Mike Tudisco