This is a pretty kickass video of NAPALM DEATH right around the time of the release of their first album, Scum.  This looks like the Harris / Dorian / Steer / Whiteley lineup of the band, none of whom were original members, and none of whom are in the band anymore.  This must have been a fun show to be at, looks like everyone is having a great time.  The picture is a bit worn, but the video is 25 years old so don’t complain!  This is a pretty rad look at the early days of grindcore.  I’d love to have a time machine and go back and rage at this show, but I’ll have to be content with smoking pot while watching it online.  You should do the same! NOW!


Napalm Death - Scum

July 1st, 1987
West Germany
Total running time:  22:33
Recorded by:  unknown