Well, not exactly a full set, I think the first couple songs are missing from this, but this is everything that was on the tape.  This is a pretty rad video of FAITH NO MORE playing a pretty wild show in Irvine, California, right around the time the album The Real Thing was being released.  I’ve never seen this video in trading circles before, I came across it while transferring a friend’s old tapes from back in his early trading days.  The quality is pretty killer, it’s probably off the master.  The drawback is that the camera is pretty shaky, and there are a few cuts in songs, plus the missing songs.  Other than that, this video is awesome.  Smoke pot and watch it, punk.

Faith No More - The Real Thing

  • The Real Thing  (00:00)
  • Underwater Love  (04:48)
  • Surprise! You’re Dead!  (08:39)
  • We Care A Lot  (10:58)
  • Woodpecker From Mars  (14:31)
  • War Pigs  (Black Sabbath)  (18:44)

September 23rd, 1989
Irvine, CA
@ Concrete Foundations
Total run time:  26:03
Recorded by:  unknown