This isn’t one of the better MAN IS THE BASTARD videos in terms of audio and video quality, but it’s the oldest MITB video I have, and the only video I have of the band from 1992.  It’s a great document of the band in their early years. Their performance is pretty killer, and the video was at least shot right up front.  I love that there’s only one mic stand, and that someone has to hold Eric Wood’s mic for the entire set.  I don’t know exactly what city this show was in, but the venue was Munchie’s.  Anyone remember what city this place was in?  Well, enjoy this bit of DIY hardcore history, smoke some volcanic dope, crank up the volume and hail the skull!!!

Man Is The Bastard skull- Dan HASHTHRASH

July 19th, 1992
@ Munchie’s
Total run time:   34:57
Recorded by : unknown



  • Stocks  (00:00)
  • Ether Rag  (00:50)
  • Prune Belly  (03:02)
  • Eunuch  (05:30)
  • Existence Decay  (07:00)
  • Heretic’s Fork  (08:35)
  • Man Is The Bastard  (11:16)
  • Semen In The Eye Socket Of Thomas Lenz  (17:38)
  • Skull Crusher  (18:38)
  • ??  (21:05)
  • Kai Lai  (21:47)
  • Abundance Of Guns  (27:16)
  • ??  (29:21)
  • HSMP  (31:02)
  • Blood Gutter  (33:00)